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When we think of Eternity we don’t quite know where does it come from – Is it a short for Eternal + Beauty? Does it have its roots in some literature, maybe, Greek? Umm, not quite.

Life is about the choices we make and everyday is such a change. Still why do we yearn Eternity? People often ask what is Heaven? Heaven and Eternity are flip sides of each other because the existence of both cannot be explained in literary terms. “Eternity” is a man’s desire for something to last forever. When “forever” has but no existence of it’s own then why do people chase Eternity?

The existence of Heaven, on the other hand, is subjective. If when we are happy things seem ‘heavenly’ and when we are sad we say, “oh! what the HELL’ then isn’t the existence of Heaven or Hell situational? How can existence be situational? If it is situational, it means that it’s existence is some random concept.

Eternity is the human asking to attach himself on to something he holds so dear to and still expecting some things to change. And, Heaven is, humans wanting joy even after their existence will perish. So then, the question is, isn’t Death a change?

If perishing of one’s existence is a change but inevitable, then how will the wish for Eternity be fulfilled, ever?


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