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Eternal Love

eternal love
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Love is often misjudged as a weak emotion. When someone loves the other often more than they are loved back – this kind of love is considered a sign of ‘weakness’. Love knows no weakness ; it is ‘strength’ to a mother while going through labour, it is ‘valour’ for a soldier to fight for his country, it is ‘worship’ to a pious soul and it is ‘victory’to a sportsman when he crosses the finishing line. If love is all these things and more then why does the one in love feel so helpless? why do we hear people using this term in disdain? why do we see so much hate for such a beautiful emotion?

Eternal Love is bliss. It is one being completely and utterly immersed in happiness. When happiness clans you, that is when any place for the fear for love vanishes. Isn’t it funny then, that clanning to happiness is one of the most difficult thing to accomplish? “Happiness is not a state of mind, happiness is a quest” – we hear all the time. When something so readily available becomes a ‘quest’ that is when finding ‘eternal love’ becomes a daunting process. Happiness was never a quest, why then has it become such an exhausting reality of the humans to be faced with?

The confusion today with the world at large is that only when one fulfills the quest for happiness can he embrace Eternal love. That is like saying, only if I will become the CEO at my workplace will I think of joining that company after I graduate. The truth is, when you and if you embrace love is when happiness follows. It is the natural flow of being alive. Love should be the basis of every thought, action and every word written or spoken for it to make someone be truly happy. If love is the driver of the most amazing journey – Your Life, then why does falling in love with something, someone such a sign of weakness?

Love is Liberating Ocean of Various Emotions. It is through love that all emotions rise and fall. It is through love that life is conceived on the Earth and it is through love that people become what people are. A smoker becomes a smoker because of his ‘love’ for cigarettes and tobacco. A football player plays football for his country for the love for that game and a cynical man is but cynical because he loves getting drenched in cynicism each day. A Satan is a Satan from the time he fell in love with darkness and rightly so, a wise man is eternally in love with Wisdom.

The power of Eternal Love is so immense that history has witnessed countries being destroyed in days and wars being wedged. This emotion so powerful can only be considered ‘weak’ in its might by the smallest self (the lower self) of our Self, the voice of our lower self, the unbalanced self that defies love and calls it weak. Fear not, Eternal Love needs no achievement. It is not a milestone neither is it a state of mind. Eternal Love is but a sincere intention. If you intend to love someone they might not reciprocate in a similar fashion but dearies, who said intentions have to be reciprocated? Show love to be filled with more love, and spread love to receive it magnified by multitudes.

If you show love towards someone and they don’t show it back, what do you do then is what one might ask? Love is nondenominational. It cannot go waste. Expecting love to be received in the same way needs the same intention at both the ends. How do you measure that? How do you measure intentions? It is an effort but futile. An earnest intention will be received manifolds, leave it to the Heaven-Divine-Universe to decide when, how and how much. We dear ones just need to hold an intention. When your intentions will resonate with the right intentions it will magnify and come back to you like a boomerang in the forms you will never have believed- from a different source, a different lover, at times in the form of a caring dog, at times in the form of a great career and in the end the truest intention will come back in the form of “Eternal Love”.

That that makes you weak, that that makes you cry-howl-weep, that that makes you suffer, that that takes you away from who you truly are and that that you have to chase, is not Love. Because LOVE is Liberating Ocean of Various Emotions! And ETERNAL LOVE, well, is but a sincere intention.


10 thoughts on “Eternal Love

    1. You my friend are magic. I am sitting on my desk and thinking that I should write and post today and then I’m thinking forget it I have nothing to say let’s just see the phone and who has texted. And what is see is you you you commenting why I have stopped writing… I will post today !! I will not let your magical words pass by….

      1. Haha. Please don’t stop. I have so many profound posts of yours to catch up on… maybe that might bring my inspiration back :-😉

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